Family Unity Through Phytness: Since June 2013, Phyt Cares has welcomed youth and their parents throughout the New York City area. The program allows families to build stronger bonds and empowers them through a unified training regimen, which includes mixed martial arts, conditioning, and weight training among others.  

Covenant House New York's Mother/Child Emergency Shelter Program: Phyt Cares welcomes teenage mothers and their children who are residents in Covenant House's Mother/Child Emergency Shelter Program.  Through its Safe Families Project child abuse program, Covenant House provides young, homeless and single mothers information regarding child abuse and maltreatment through group workshops, one-on-one counseling to address trauma, and parenting skills workshops. The primary goal is to help mothers raise their children in a safe, healthy and loving environment. (

ASPIRE: ASPIRE is a New York based non-for-profit organization formed in 1986 by David Balsley, P.T. and Paddy Rossbach, R.N.  Since that time, ASPIRE has helped hundreds of children and, in some in stances, adults as well as their families learn how to live healthy active lifestyles after losing or being born without a limb.  ASPIRE is a chapter of Disabled Sports USA and a member of the Amputee Coalition of America.  Ultimately, their goal is to help children decide who they want to be based on their accomplishments, not their disability.  The experiences ASPIRE provides help build confidence, friendship, courage, strength and character that will remain with them forever.